All images below are available as fine art prints, on canvas, or as acrylic prints. Please contact me to purchase photo prints. Images are available individually or as seen here.

All images are available for licensing. Please contact me for information. Many of the images below are available for licensing through my partner FloraPress Agency.
Ferns | Farne
Fly Agaric | Fliegenpilz
Spring and Autumn Foliage | Fruehlings - und Herbstblaetter
Cherry Blossoms | Kirschblüten
Cherry Blossoms | Kirschblüten, pink
Traubenkirsche | Bird Cherry
Apple Tree Blossoms | Apfelblüten
Autumn Light | Herbstlicht
Grasses | Gräser
Beach Grass | Strandgras
Fresh Grass | Frisches Gras
Grasses with Dew | Gräser mit Morgentau
Seashells | Muscheln
Red Autumn Berries | Rote Herbstfrüchte
Vines on White | Weinlaub auf Weiss